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Café Luxor
Café Luxor is to be found on new address Freshtaurant, Mierova 38, 82105 Bratislava

 Our coffee shop offers you not only non-smoking anf barrier-free space, but also free wifi connection. In our coffee shop you can savour great coffee – 100% arabica from company Banua, latte macchiato, right belgian hot chocolate or teas of lot of tastes. Except this we offer you fresh gluten free cakes suitable also for celiac patients and a lot of cocktails. You can find more than 70 sorts of belgian and english beers (beer boutique - fine beers).
The most important thing, which makes Café Luxor extraordinary is, that there work people with physical disables, who found there not only work, but also the way how to live more valuable life. There work three persons with physical disables as a waiter, accounter and marketing worker in present. Our coffee shop has joined to action „Suspended Coffee“. Customer pays for two coffees, one of them is for him/her, and the
second one is prepaid for somebody who can’t pay for it. This person can ask for this prepaid coffee, which is for free. Idea of „Suspended Coffee“ has been invented in Italy as „Caffe sospeso“. Photos show surroundings of Cafe Luxor and its interior.

Freshrestaurant, Mierova ulica 38, 821 05 Bratislava, Slovakia
00421-908 902630

Opening times:
Mon. - Fri.: 9.00 to 19.00
Sat. - Sun.: closed, or by appointment

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Café Luxor
Entrance to the Luxor Café Luxor Café - interior 01
Luxor Café - interior 02 Luxor Café - interior 01Luxor Café - interior 03
Café Luxor - interior 04 Café Luxor - interior 05
Café Luxor - interior 06 Café Luxor - interior 07
Café Luxor - interior 08 Café Luxor - interior 09
Café Luxor - interior 10 Café Luxor - interior 11
Luxor Café - interior 01Luxor Café - interior 12 Luxor Café - interior 13
Luxor Café - interior 14 Luxor Café - interior 15
Café Luxor - interior 16 Café Luxor - interior 17
Café Luxor - interior 18 - 20

Café Luxor - interior 21
Café Luxor - interior 22
Luxor Café - interior 23
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