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Rafting Čunovo

In the Water Sports Resort in Čunovo (ca 15 km from Bratislava - see the Server is situated one of the best artificial whitewater channels of the world. The whitewater in Čunovo with the possibility of regulation varies its level of difficultness from WW II to WW IV. The channel in Čunovo has 5 different and variable kinds of boat routings. Besides rafting the firm RAFTO offers kayaking, canoeing, paintball, ballooning, cathering, possibility to arrange parties, teambuildings and other attractions. CK RAFTOvanie is the largest whitewater travel agency af the Slovak market, which offers the rafting not only in Slovakia, but all over the world. Photos show the area of water sports in Čunovo and adrenaline adventures on the white water ....

Address: RAFTO, Hraničiarska 68/120, 851 10 Bratislava, Slovakia

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Areal of water sports in Čunovo

Areal of water sports in Čunovo 2

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