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Bezinka  Pizzeria & Restaurant

Non-smoking family and baby friendly facility - Bezzinka Pizzeria & Restaurant with barrier-free access, kids playground and summer terrace is to be found on the street Záhradnícka ulica 95 in the nearness of Bratislava lake Štrkovecké jazero in the Slovenská sporitežňa bank building. On the server you can find the street Záhradnícka ulica 95 on the map of Bratislava cca 200 m from the crossroad of the streets Záhradnícka and Bajkalská ulica. Bezzinka Pizzeria & Restaurant, which belongs to the biggest gastronomic facilities in the city, offers tasty meals and beverages - good pizza prepared in a wood-fired oven, specialties of Italian, Slovak and international gastronomy, Slovak and international quality wines, friendly atmosphere, attractive ambience, wide selection of non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages ... and excellent coffee - all at good prices. As modern self-service Gastro Pub DAYREST with capacity of 100 seats is a separate part of the Bezzinka Pizzeria & Restaurant, this gastronomic unit is suitable for tourist groups or tour buses too. In our modern, fully air-conditioned CONGRESS HALL with capacity of 300 persons, with audio and video equipment   you can organize your seminar, press conference, reception, banquet, party, company events, wedding, obsequies etc. for 300 persons with professional gastronomical service. Live music possible. We offer external catering service in your firm too. You can park gratis next to Bezzinka Pizzeria & Restaurant. The connection with the city is provided by MHD bus no. 50, 66 and 68 as well as by trams no. 8, 9 and 16 with getting off on the stop Slovanet. Photos show surroundings of the Bezzinka Pizzeria & Restaurant and its interior too.
Pizzeria Bezzinka, Záhradnícka 95, 821 08 Bratislava, Slovakia
Opening hours
Mo. - Fr.: 10:00 - 22:00
Sa.: 11:00 - 22:00
Su.: closed
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Slovenská sporitežňa building - site of the Pizzeria

Summer terrace of the Bezzinka Pizzeria

Kids playground at the Bezzinka Pizzeriia
Bezzinka Pizzeria - summer terrace Bezzinka Pizzeria - DAYREST Gastro Pub 01
Bezzinka Pizzeria - DAYREST Gastro Pub 02 Bezzinka Pizzeria - DAYREST Gastro Pub 03
Bezzinka Pizzeria - interior 01
Bezzinka Pizzeria - interior 02 Bezzinka Pizzeria - interior 03
Bezzinka Pizzeria - interior 04 Bezzinka Pizzeria - interior 05
Vinotheque in Bezzinka Pizzeria - foto 01 - 03

Bezzinka Pizzeria - interior 06 - 08

Bezzinka Pizzeria - interior 09

Bezzinka Pizzeria - interior 10

Bezzinka Pizzeria - interior 11 Bezzinka Pizzeria - interior 12
Bezzinka Pizzeria - interior 13 Bezzinka Pizzeria - interior 14
Bezzinka Pizzeria & Restaurant - congress services, photo 01
Bezzinka Pizzeria & Restaurant - congress services 02 Bezzinka Pizzeria & Restaurant - catering 01
Bezzinka Pizzeria & Restaurant - catering 02 Bezzinka Pizzeria & Restaurant - catering 03
Bezzinka Pizzeria & Restaurant - catering 04
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